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 Hot-dip galvanized chassis with tow-bar and anti collision beam. 

Travel braking system: Electronic brake device.

Single Wheel: 14 inch tires 
Suspension type: load-bearing4400 pound trailer, 5-leaf springs with axle.
Maximum speed(Kilometer/hour): 80

Supporting legs at corners

2.Body material

 Wholly integrally molded fiber glass sheet with 35mm polyurethane as layer in middle 


Beauty Shapes: late-model fiber glass sheet, no juncture on the product’s surface; No leaks; incomparable to steel or aluminum plate .


weather fastness:suitable for remove areas , mountainous areas, desert . A long traffic(such as high way , railway, sea coast, river channel .etc .)

Other feature: light , high strengthen,shock-resistant. Quake-proof,

Heat preserved, waterproof .sound-proof and sealed , etc 

3.Tail light

Driving light, braking light ,turning light ,reversing light and foggy light

 4. Orignal red color with any logo stickers is possible

 5. Ventilation roof

 6 Optional items

 1. 316 stainless steel working bench

2. sliding doors or stainless steel shelves

3. water sinks , water pump ,130L waste water tank and 100L fresh water tank ,cold and hot water with gas water heater

4. Electricity system

5. Exterior folding bench

6. Double axles

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